Free membership for a limited period

Barrow Celtic Juniors Football Club are offering free membership

For a limited time, Barrow Celtic Juniors Football Club are offering free membership. The club is ‘members run’ meaning its board of seven trustees are nominated from its group of members. Members are invited to attend trustee meetings and are encouraged to give input and feedback into the items being discussed as well as being asked to assist in the running of the club and form various sub committees as the season progresses.

Membership is open to any individual over the age of 18 or any organisation and usually costs just £5 per year with our current coaches and managers already being offered it for free. For a limited time, free membership is being opened up to everyone.

To sign up as a member please complete the form found here.

For organisations wishing to become a member, please contact Paul Knight on 07969 737488 or

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